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Eventer Challenge

We are pleased to announce that Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials Pony Club and Riding Club Team Eventer Challenge, has returned once again this year.


Riding Club

Pony Club

Event Schedule:

Entries open on Monday 1st July 2023 via https://www.horse-events.co.uk 

The competition will take place on the following dates:

Riding Club Team 90cm and 100cm – Thursday 14th September 2023

Pony Club Team 90cm and 100cm – Friday 15th September 2023

A summary of the entry process is as follows:

·         Entries open 1st July 2023

·         The initial entry period closes 1st August 2023

·         Entry fee £200 per team

·         A £20 start fee per team is payable at the event.

·         In the event of low entries bookings will open for individuals after 4th August 2023, 

·         Accepted clubs will be notified via email when they are awarded a place

·         In the event of oversubscription, a wait list will be held.

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