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RoR Southern Regional Dressage Championships 2023

Thursday 14th and Friday 15th September 2023



Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials

Woodstock – Oxfordshire – OX20 1PS

Each competitor is responsible for ensuring that they are conversant with the following:


For all RoR registered horses holding current Competition Membership that have qualified and riders must be aged 15 years or over at 01.01.2023


  1. Qualification period – 1st February 2023 and 27th August 2023 inc. 
  2. How to qualify for RoR Regional Dressage Horse Championship classes, riders must submit two score sheets for the level at the required minimum percentage or above from affiliated competitions, unaffiliated competitions or both.
  3. Score sheets must include the registered racing name of the horse, have full details re date and venue and must be signed by the Judge.
  4. Scores must be from standard BD tests which are currently in use. Scores from PC, BE, FSM and Online Competitions will not be accepted.
  5. Minimum required percentage for qualification: PRELIM 64%, NOVICE 62%, ELEMENTARY 62% and MEDIUM 61%
  6. The qualification is for horse/rider, no substitutes (horse or rider) allowed.
  7. To submit qualifying score sheets, you must email them with supporting proof by way of screenshot of event scoreboard, BD record etc. to [email protected]
  8. All qualifying score sheets must have been received and approved before entering any RoR Regional Dressage Horse Championship class.
  9. Entries are online only via Horse Monkey
  10. Series Overview:
  11. Horse/rider combinations may enter up to two classes, which must be at consecutive levels, at the RoR Southern Regional Dressage Championships provided they have previously submitted and received subsequent RoR approval of the relevant qualifying scores and have received their unique qualification code.


  1. Entries are open and are via Horse Monkey only.
  2. No postal or late entries will be accepted.
  3. Entries will close on Monday 28th August at 11pm.
  4. Entry fee: £30.00 per class
  5. Times will be published on Horse Monkey after 17.00 on Monday 11th September.
  6. Entries at this event will be limited.

Refunds and Oversubscription.

  1. Withdrawals before the entry closing date: a full refund will be processed. Withdrawals after the closing date for entries: a refund may be processed upon the submission and successful approval of a current and valid veterinary/doctor’s certificate relating directly to the horse/rider entered for this event.
  2. Entries and/or qualifications cannot be transferred.
  3. No refund requests will be accepted after the publication of competition times on 11th September.
  4. In the event of oversubscription, a waitlist will be held and priority will be given to horse/rider combinations who have submitted the highest qualifying percentages. Combinations who fail to be awarded a place will receive a full refund

Competition Rules

  1. This competition is run under BD rules. It is also affiliated to RoR only and no BD grading points will be awarded.
  2. No commanding of tests and no whips allowed.
  3. Fall of horse and/or rider – elimination
  4. If a rider has a fall from their horse, they must be seen by one of the designated medical staff.
  5. The Judges’ decision is final. They may disqualify any rider at any stage in the competition for dangerous riding, inappropriate behaviour or language, abuse of officials, misuse of whip or spurs, ill treatment of the horse or if in their opinion the horse is lame, sick or unfit to compete.
  6. Horse/rider combinations are allowed to compete in two classes so long as they have submitted the relevant qualifying score sheets.
  7. Horses qualified with two riders are not allowed to be entered more than once in the same Championship class. 
  8. Combinations can take part in any regional championship but must submit the relevant score sheets for each level.
  9. All horses must be four years of age and over and must be vaccinated against equine influenza. Passports must be available on request and spot checks may be carried out. Vaccinations must be up to date and all horses must have received a booster within 12 months of the event in accordance with BD rules as in the 2023 rulebook.
  10. The Organising Committee of the Blenheim Palace Horse Trials and RoR reserves the right to make any changes/amendments to the competition or rules.
  11. The organisers reserve the right to restrict/expand the number of entries per class

Prizes and Prize-giving

  1. Will be mounted for 1st and on foot for 2nd – 6th places in each class. This will take place in the Blenheim Arena as soon as possible after the class has finished.  Competitors are advised to monitor the scoreboard and ensure that they are ready in good time.
  2. Prize Structure: rosettes to 6th place and a finalist rosette to each competitor in each class, plus a Sash and RoR branded prize to winner
  3. Competitors, in accordance with BD rules, must attend prize givings, mounted or unmounted at the organiser’s discretion, or ensure that they are represented, when requested by the organiser. Failure to attend (unless agreed with the organiser) may result in the forfeit of prize money, rosettes or other awards. Correct competition dress should be worn for the prize giving whether mounted or not.
  4. Prize Money: 1st – 30, 2nd – 20, 3rd – £10 and will be allocated thus and will be paid by RoR via BACS after the event. Winners and placed combinations will be presented with and will be required to fill in a prize money claim form.
Prize Money and allocation
1st Place1 – 4 starters
2nd Place5 – 8 starters
3rd Place9 starters plus
  • Score sheets will be available to collect from the RoR Awareness Booth at the conclusion of the scoring for the class. Competitors wishing to leave before the conclusion of the class must leave the sum of £2.00 and clear postage instructions with the RoR representative on duty in order to receive their score sheet.

Ticketing Information:

Each entrant will receive two E-tickets and one lorry pass

E-tickets are to cover admission for the competitor and groom/trainer

Lorry passes are only for vehicles transporting horses competing at this event

E-tickets will be sent to the email address provided at point of entry

All supporters must purchase tickets in advance and can do via the BPIHT Tickets page.

General Event rules:

  1. The Blenheim Estate is a World Heritage Site, please respect this.
  2. All dogs must be kept on leads.
  3. Bridle numbers are not supplied please bring your own.
  4. The competitor number must be clearly visible in the windscreen of the lorry/towing vehicle at all times.
  5. No horses may be left unattended outside lorries/trailers.
  6. No hay nets may be tied to the outside of lorries/trailers.
  7. All droppings must be removed from the lorry park immediately. Bins are provided.
  8. When mounted, all competitors must use the designated horse walks and crossing points. Failure to do so will result in elimination.
  9. Parking is limited. Follow instructions issued by the parking stewards at all times.
  10. Abuse of stewards, officials, volunteers, trainers and fellow competitors will not be tolerated. Any person disobeying these rules may result in elimination.

Schedule of Classes

Fee: £30.00 per class (plus booking fee £1.50)

Thursday 14th September
Max No of Entries per day is 65
C1 – Preliminary 17A (2017)
C2 – Elementary 43 (2006)
Friday 15th September
C3 – Novice 38 (2005)
C4 – Medium 61 (2002)

Disclaimer – Save for death or personal injury caused by negligence of the organisers or anyone in law for whom they are representing, neither the organisers of the Blenheim Palace Horse Trials, British Eventing Ltd, The Pony Club, British Riding Clubs, RoR, Trustees of Blenheim Estate, the Sponsors, nor any Agent, Employee, or Representative of these bodies accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury, or illness to horse, owners, riders, grooms, spectators, horses, dogs or any other persons or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract, or in any way whatsoever.

About RoR:

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The charity raises funds from within the Racing Industry for the retraining and rehoming of former racehorses

  • provides a safety net for ‘vulnerable’ former racehorses
  • promotes the adaptability and versatility of racehorses to other equestrian activities
  • runs and funds a well, established programme of competitions and educational events across the country
  • provides information for owners and trainers in both the Racing and Equine Industries to assist with the rehoming and retraining of their former racehorses.

The ultimate goal is to maintain a balance between the number of horses leaving Racing and the number of secure and knowledgeable new homes providing the horses with a useful and active life after racing. Launched by the British Horseracing Board (now the British Horseracing Authority) in April 2000, RoR was awarded charitable status in Autumn 2000. Leading jockeys Richard Johnson and Frankie Dettori were appointed as RoR Ambassadors in April 2015. They were joined as ambassadors recently by Guy Disney. Sir Anthony McCoy OBE became a patron of RoR in 2016.

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