2021 Exhibitors

Horse Education Company Ltd.

Makers of patented Hybrid Headcollar®

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Our exclusive, patented Hybrid Headcollar® design gives you extra control whilst being safe and comfortable for your horse. Use it while training, tying, traveling on the horsebox, cross-tying, lungeing and even while riding as an effective bridle alternative. Suitable as a replacement for a stud chain and also for the very soft and polite horse who values comfort and kindness. Our design book includes other innovative products such as the Retractable Pocket Flag which is a full size training flag that collapses to fit in your pocket, matching yachting braid ropes and crafted leather dog gear for canine training outcomes. Our products have been used and featured at the Tokyo Olympics, in the pages of Eventing Life Magazine and on Horse & Country TV.

Founded in the United States in 2013, we have now ‘jumped’ the pond to bring our innovative line to UK equestrians. Please stop by for a chat!